A branding agency and advertising firm serving Irvine and Newport Beach

The Creative Agency is a small but mighty branding agency, focusing on creating brands that are powerful, memorable, engaging and professional. We are a lot more than just clean-cut creatives, but designers, branding experts, art directors, marketing gurus and visionaries. We are confident we can take your dreams and turn them into cohesive and effective branding elements that set you apart from your competitors, while making a huge impression on your potential customers.

Our branding agency didn’t just pop-up to be another branding firm in Irvine. Our roots go back to New York City’s Madison Avenue, where just about two decades ago we learned the intricate details and careful steps needed to make any branding project a success. While we may take a whiskey break now and then to get our creative juices flowing, we’re highly disciplined, focused and strategy-oriented, making us the only branding and creative firm you’ll need to make an impact.

Branding Matters.

Branding is the cornerstone of any successful business, product launch or venture. It adds a distinguished image and set of positive and unique attributes that makes you more attractive, trusted and competitive.

The Process.

Branding an entity correctly isn’t a cookie cutter job, but an intricate, well-researched and carefully crafted operation.  The process begins with a meeting, and ends in an extraordinary transformation of your image.

Next Step.

Interested in our branding and design services? Please contact us for a meeting.



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